Fashionably skinny” vs. Fiercely healthy? Which would you prefer?

Rather it’s on the sleek runways  at a fashion show or a celebrity pictured on a vacation, beautiful women are being watched.

Two celebrities whom I adore has been scruntinize by the media. Angela Simmons and Beyonce Knowles are well known celebs that are always being watched for the next look they are wearing.

Just last summer pictures surfed on the net of Angela Simmons on the beach in a bikini (which I thought she looked great), gossip sites had their share of words about her cellulite and big derriere. Umm last time I check,about 80percent of Americans have cellulite. All of this negativity towards someone can cause one to feel less confident in themselves. We as a society talk about having a big butt small waist, and big boobs (which can be acceptable or not in today’s magazines), then you have women suffering from anorexia to be unrealistically thin.

I say be a size healthy and if you are feeling down just play Keri hilson ” pretty girl rock”and tell that person whose downing you I love myself, you should try loving you sometime – @DanitaMari


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