Fab, Fit and Frivilous

As we stay on the top of our game to looking fabulous…we must not forget what is most important…and that is living a fabulous life by staying healthy.

We all know that it takes time and patience to get that fab and fit body that you want to obtain but there is a new craze that just may help you along your journey. I recently attended an impromptu networking event and I came across a company called Ardyss.

They have come to produce a surefire way to help reduce your weight…it’s called the Body Magic! This ensemble is an undergarment that helps with your posture along with helping to reduce the chances of breast cancer. In addition to the Body Magic, which is their staple, they have other undergarments that help in other areas according to your lifestyle such as pregnancy, liposuction and your everyday work environment. Along with their undergarment line, they also have wellness/health products and a skin care line.

The presentation was short but powerful and I was allowed to try on the undergarments so I could get a feel of how it actually works…and it really does work! I was not able to slouch or slump, I was even able to walk in my pumps a little bit better! I would recommend this product to anyone that may be having back problems or just want to get their groove back by fitting into those skinny jeans. They even have a way where you are able to make a profit by joining their team. The presenter had on her own Body Magic as a part of her demonstration. I went to the website,, to see how everything operates and what else they had to offer. It was very user-friendly and I definitely will be going back to check out some of the other products…got to get right for the summer! Check out and see for yourself…


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