Strut This Way: A Walk In A Model’s Mind Thomas Demauriea

Thomas Demauriea is a multi-talented model, dare I say it over all entertainer. He can dance, he can dress, I’m sure he can sing because he idolizes MJ no not Michael Jordan, I’m talking about the late great Michael Jackson! The photo’s that he brings to life are amazing, I haven’t been fortunate enough to see him strut the runway as of yet, but I’m absolutely positive that he looks absolutely stunning, handsome, fierce, lol all of those words describe him- @SiincereLii_Ne

This is a |WALK IN A MODELS MIND| !!

Ne’Shae: Hello Thomas, first I want to say thank you for taking the time to do our interview for The Urban Class Boutique or also known as the UCB!

Thomas: No Problem!

Ne’Shae: Hopefully I’m the first to interview you so we can say we had the first interview before you became THEE biggest male model, lol. Any who.. Lol so when did you start modeling?

Thomas: I started modeling two years ago. My friends and I would drive to Jack London Square or Lake Chabot and take pictures of each other. Then I would post the pictures to my facebook and people would comment saying I look like a model, so that was the starting point for it all. We were using our regular cameras thinking we were doing something but it was all preparation for today and what I am doing now.

Ne’Shae: I just love how you began modeling, so is modeling something you LOVE or that you are growing to love?

Thomas: I LOVE it from the moment the camera shutter clicks to my final go through on the runway. I love every part of modeling, and meeting new people. You get to network and learn something new every time. I never second guess myself because if I do I shouldn’t be modeling. I really enjoy the experiences there’s nothing like it.

Ne’Shae: That’s great! Honestly I think it does takes a person with a lot of confidence to be a model and make it work for you. From the photos I have seen, you are very confident. Lol! Are there any people that you know or have met that takes your confidence and misconstrue it as being cocky?

Thomas: All the time, but I just brush it off! I have to work harder because I’m not the tallest but I have heart and I know I am capable of doing just what another 6’2 male model can do. Its mainly about having FUN though.

Ne’Shae: Exactly, I like that! You do have a sense of humor just from us knowing each other in the past! Are there any other models that get to see that side of you?

Thomas: Everybody sees that side, I love to make people laugh. I’m probably the goofest, most random person I know. I am constantly joking during photo shoots, making some strange face, or saying something off beat because we’re here to have a good time. I can be on the runway and as I get off I run into a wall. Its all fun.

Ne’Shae: Lol well that’s good, its not good to be serious all the time.Is there anyone that has influenced you to become a model?

Thomas: Most people know MJ has influenced me a lot and same goes for modeling, because he evokes so much emotion into what it is he’s doing and I do the same with my modeling. I incorporate a lot of dance moves into my modeling. Also Tyra Banks, finding light and smiling with your eyes, and how to walk with emotion, a lot of people have inspired me.

Ne’Shae: That’s great and I would have never thought MJ but I like how you use his technique for modeling, very inventive!

Thomas: Of course its very helpful.

Ne’Shae: So when you get BIG will you keep your name the same or are you going to use a different name?

Thomas: Haven’t decided yet. My professional name is Thomas Demauriea, Demauriea being my middle name but I don’t know what i’ll do.

Ne’Shae: Okay honestly in my opinion keep your name as is! Lol. Just my opinion.<br>

Thomas: Okay that works too.

Ne’Shae: I don’t know if this would seem offensive or not but would you say you were metro-sexual or just a clean cut guy?

Thomas: Metro all the way, I get it from my dad. I love to look good everywhere I go. Plus when you look good, you feel good.

Ne’Shae: Yes exactly I feel the same way! Lol. Are there any fashion designers that you favor over another?

Thomas: I love to wear ties so when it comes to ties, I love to wear Louis Vuitton, they make really good ties! As for outer wear it doesn’t matter as long as it looks good, I’m not picky about designers.

Ne’Shae: Okay cool! What trends for males do you think are popular? Clothing wise?

Thomas: Military. Military is very popular its been around for a while, but its really making it to the forefront now.

Ne’Shae: What do you mean military? Like camouflage style with greens and browns?

Thomas: No camouflage is dead. Think Michael Jackson and Rihanna military.

Ne’Shae: Ooooh got you! Thanks for clearing that up for me! Lol.

Thomas: No problem.

Ne’Shae: When it comes to shopping are you a break the bank type of shopper or more like easy on the pockets shopper?

Thomas: I’m a smart shopper, I look for the best deals that are out there online or in stores. You can always find the shirt or jacket cheaper some where else.

Ne’Shae: Yes! That is very true, I love shopping for great deals myself! Lol. What stores, shops, clothing shops would you say or recommend for men who don’t want to spend to much money?

Thomas: Ross, Marshalls, ebay, or Burlington Coat Factory. That’s where I  go to find the best fitted dress shirts.

Me: Yes that’s what I’m talking about! It was a pleasure chatting with you, I hope you had a good experience with me interviewing you, Lol.

Thomas: No problem thank you!


The UCB favorite looks from Thomas Demauriea’s portfolio.

Which look is your favorite???


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