The UCB Frugal Style Guide: She Styling, Looking Good & Penny Pinching!!!

Heyyyyy UCB Divas,

UCB Diva this is yours truly Ne’Sha introducing yet another UCB Fashionista who will take the fashion world by storm. Trust it will only be a matter of time. First off I want to say that trying to keep up with today’s trend can get a bit costly, and can be a little frustrating at times because you have no idea what stores to shop at for the best deals. As you may know we’ve created The UCB Frugal Style Guide, where we feature various ways to shop, style and save money. There’s no reason you can’t be stylish and savvy saving your money at the same time.

Well recently I interviewed a young lady from New  York, named Maxlyn Sando who has an eye for detail, creativity and she’s so fashionably stylish. She knows where to shop, how much to spend, and what can be used for more than one outfit. Well hey you know what, how about you take a look for yourself, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

The first outfit is what she calls a “Get up and Go” look:

She wakes up and throws on just about anything on, which is not a bad thing when it looks like this. In this photo Maxlyn is wearing a pair of high waist pants, which she got from the Thrift store($6), paired with a white tank($5), Black messenger bag ($10), a ‘life in progress’ denim jacket ($25) and a pair of Gold oxfords ($20).

Like Fiyah = HOT… Blazer:

She LOVE’s THIS BLAZER! She brought it from a vintage thrift store for about ($2), feels great to look good! The best part about it are the shoulder pads! I love that! Paired it with some shorts (which she cut and bleached herself), Brown Chunky Heels($45), and a small brown bag ($4) from the thrift store.

Stepping in her Docs, Dr. Martins that is:

She just recently ordered her Docs (Dr. Martens) & She was too eager to throw them on.She kept it a bit simple with this outfit. Little black dress will spark up any outfit ($10), Over sized cardigan ($4), Yellow messenger bag ($10), and Dr. Martens ($150)

Feeling like Super Woman:

Says she felt like a super woman with this outfit on! Orange cardigan ($3) from thrift store, High waist jeans ($10) from vintage thrift store, Bag ($100) (from mother’s closet), Leopard Print Oxford’s ($30), Head wrap (I just took a regular scarf and wrapped it around my head & it came out looking great)

These are just a few of Maxlyn’s looks!

Her dreams which she will soon make a reality is to become a fashion designer! Here’s what we discovered with Maxlyn. 

Ne: Hello again Maxlyn, how are you?

Maxlyn: I am doing wonderful.

Ne: Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions I have for you.

Maxlyn: It’s no problem at all!

Ne: What is it that you want to do professionally in the fashion world?

Maxlyn: Yes! I want to become a fashion designer! I’ve been in contact with a college in Los Angeles, California. The name of the college is Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM)! They’ve contacted me & we’ve discussing me possibly, going there! If I do decide to go there, I would major in Product Development, which is basically the same as Fashion Design but working with a team instead!

Ne: That’s wonderful girl!! I hope you do come out to California. Fashion design sounds great and that would be a fun adventure. Are there any fashion designers that inspired you to become a fashion designer yourself?

Maxlyn:  I agree! That’s why I want to do something I’d enjoy and wake up every morning saying ‘I LOVE MY JOB” Not everyone can wake up and say that! I want to do something I will enjoy doing for the rest of my life and not what society throws at me! As for inspiration no there aren’t any fashion designers that inspired me, it is my LOVE for fashion that inspired me!! The way I see things, I could walk outside and see something and say to myself “I like this” and BOOM an idea will come in my head to design something related to what I saw!

Ne: Very creative! I love how you said your love for fashion is what inspired you! Thats exactly what it is your love for fashion, and being very creative will get you far in the fashion industry because you know how trends change every other month; you have to be creative and be able to pay attention to detail to survive in the fashion industry!

Maxlyn: YES! My graphics teacher explained that to me when I first told him I had a thing for fashion!

Ne: See, but I’m sure you will do well in fashion and make a name for yourself, and thank you again for being able to chat it up with me for a minute, lol.

Maxlyn: No problem I enjoyed our chat very much lol.

Ne: Take care and hope to see you here in Cali this summer.

Maxlyn: Lol You do the same and I hope so we need to go shopping together, lol.

Ne: Yes we do!!


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