The UCB Frugal Style Guide: Chic Hippie 70’s Edition

’70s fashion illustrations at Flickr

Heyyy, Ne’Sha` back with another fashionably yet frugal friendly post. This Spring & Summer we teach you how to be fashionable but frugal at The UCB. Refer to all the posts in ‘The UCB Frugal Style Guide’ for cheaper, chic trends. However, this time around I’m talking (Austin Power’s Voice) “Groovy Trends Baby”. Lol. I’m sure everyone has noticed by now the trends of Spring 2011 but in case you missed it, seventies inspired fashion has come into 2011 making a huge splash! That’s more of understatement, everywhere you look we see cross body bags, wedges/platforms, chunky heels, flowy tops, rompers, etc. While straight leg jeans are slowly fading away, bell bottom jeans are jumping on the scene!

Rachel Zoe rockin’ her 70’s look

I think it’s a wonderful trend. As does Rachel Zoe, on her site Rachel Zoe she showcased twenty seventies inspired pieces and boy are they hot to trot! This summer, my good friend Tamisha Monet and I, will be in our seventies chic afro-centric threads. But don’t call it a comeback because these were some of our fashion styles before the started trending. Here are a few of the seventies inspired pieces Rachel Zoe has on her site, but I’m adding a “Twist”! I’ll show you the pieces from RZ’s (Rachel Zoe) site along with pieces I found at Forever 21. They’ re less expensive and friendlier to your pockets!


R. Zoe Joie-Top Flowy $168


F21 Chiffon Flowy$19.80


R. Zoe One Piece Wonder $375


F21 Fabulous Jumper $15.50


R. Zoe  DknyWoven Wedges $150


F21 Weave Basket $26.80


R. Zoe Hippie Chic Shades $360


F21 $5.80


R. Zoe Happenin’ Headpiece $22


F21 Floral Headpiece$ 16.80


R.Zoe Mah-Jor Maxi $158


F21 Strapless Knit Dress $22.80

Rachel Zoe twitter is @RZRachelZoe

Until next time @FabBeauList Over&Out

Later Loves!!


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