Lion’s, Tiger’s, Leopard print, Oh My…

Images are historical moments of your life , animal print tells a story of the individual…

Leopard animal

 It’s no secret that animal print has been on every accessory, clothing, hair piece, shoe and any other statement pieces you can imagine. When you think of leopard print, words like retro, 80’s, graffiti (just to name a few) comes to mind.

Leopard is versatile, as seen on the likes of Drake Swizz Beats, Chris Brown and Kanye West. I must say that the most attractive thing about a man is his fashion sense. *pats my head with my napkin*. Whoo child Let me get myself together now. 

 Swizz Beats in Dolce Gabbana for men.

   Now let’s move on to the women in the industry. Keri Hilson in Dolce Gabbana at a Clive Davis event. The dress fits her to the Tea honey. But Do we like it? Nicki Minaj at the Grammy’s in Leopard from head to toe but with Nicki she’s a character and this is her way of expressing one of personalities. When is expressing your inner animal too much?

I love Leopard print and when worn  you feel so exotic. Any animal print says a lot about  the person who wears it. For me it’s all about bring out the wild side of me while taking a little back, like wearing animal print nails with all black or leopard with red lip stick (my favorite. Here’s a picture of my nails that my manicurist did in Chicago. I love, Live, breath leopard.  Also a picture of my Jeffery Campbell wedge booties that I love. Whether you want to settle for a little or a lot of fearless animal print, do it with confidence. That’s the best fashion accessory EVER!


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2 Comments on “Lion’s, Tiger’s, Leopard print, Oh My…”

  1. May 23, 2011 at 2:28 PM #

    Men in Leopard is HAWT very very sexy more men should embrace the look.

  2. May 24, 2011 at 10:23 AM #

    I think so. Especially different prints like zebra and tiger.

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