Make-up: To wear or NOT to wear


Heyyyy ladies &  gents BUT… mostly ladies, lol. I know it’s been a while since I have shared my thoughts, observations, experiences etc. with you. So,  its your girl, woman, friend, lol Ne’sha with a HAWT debate for you. 

First I would like to ask how has everyone’s Spring & Summer has been? Mine has been pretty far no complaints =)

Okay, back  to the topic at hand. Lol. Ladies, what I want to share with you are my thoughts and opinions on make-up. There’s been a lot of women that I’ve come across who resent other women that wear make-up. Saying things like “she looks like a clown” or “she’s probably not confident about her looks” and even saying “I would NEVER wear make-up”. My response to those women is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing make-up. You just have to know how much to put on and what looks good on you. Ultimately,  just making sure to wash it off appropriately to prevent your pores from being clogged. And avoiding the big no-no sleeping in your makeup.There is always a way to put make-up on and still look natural or have a subtle  look compared to women who go make up crazy. You know with over the top tans or pounds & pounds of make-up on. In my opinion,I really don’t think any woman has to put make-up on look beautiful.

There are some women you come across that may resemble a clown BUT it very well may be that they don’t know how to properly apply their own make-up. Also,  keep in mind that, some women wear make up because they may have an skin condition vitiligo, scheriosis, eczema, etc. So, please be kind, considerate and less judge-mental. Even in a friendly manner offer to show her a few tips.

I wear make-up when I want to look a little more sophisticated and mature. Giving myself that extra pop, not because I lack self-confidence or I’m conscious about my looks.

Ladies, what’s your take on the whole make-up “SITUATION”? Are you “yay” or “nay”?

Gents, do you prefer women who likes or loves to wear make-up or it doesn’t bother you either way?


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