UCB On The Scene: LuLu’s.Com & The Swapaholics Clothing Swap San Francisco

Swap, til I drop? What you don’t have to tell me twice. All I needed to know was LuLu’s.Com and The Swapaholics had joined forces for her one KICK ASS evening of swapping, mingling and greeting. And I was game. I shop at LuLu’s maybe 3-4 times a month faithfully. They keep me chic with all their unique threads. One of  my favorite designers I frequent on their site is Jeffrey Campbell. They’re my one stop shop when I need to have my all Jeffrey Campbell eveyrthang swagg turnt up to the max. So, could you could picture me in my military threads ready for war when I discovered they strategically hidden 100 items from their site in the swap? Thankfully, the swap was impressingly organized and I was able to put my army fatigue romper and turban away. Which is all compliments of The Swapaholics duo Amy Chase from Punky Style and Melissa Massello from Shoestring Magazine. The two swapping powerhouses who blessed us with their good graces all the way from Boston. They organized and hosted the swap. Their staff was uber friendly, stylish, tidy and fun. I truly enjoyed these ladies. They will be helping me launch The Urban Class Boutique’s first swap later this year. And my favorite part of all was aside from the HAWT and trendy threads they let us take as much as we could carry, was the fact that whatever us swappers didn’t take home would be donated to the Goodwill. Swapping and for a good cause at that? What more could a girl ask for?

Amy and Melissa of The Swapaholics

The Swapaholics

Cara Fox-Galassi the stylist of LuLu’s.Com. Loved her bullet necklace and her swagged out in her LuLu’s.Com everything outfit. Visit her on LuLu’s.Com blog.

Maria Morales, Senior Advertising Marketing Manager of Kaboodle. She was color blocking something FIERCE.

Miss Understood Caged Bird Earrings….Made by I and my sister blog Massive Hawtness owner Deeva. I received plenty of compliments and custom orders. I can change the color from gold to silver and change the feather. Just a lil’ plus and FYI. Moving along…;)

Tiffany of HomeyGrown supports all Bay Area businesses. She found my hat in the swap. She had a genuine sweet, upbeat personality. LOL.

These two chicas Jessica and LuLu had me cracking up all night. I had fun with these two.

Didn’t get her name but she ‘came up’ at the swap. That’s 1/4 a closet of clothing. She also found my boots in the swap. My calves are too big for them. Enjoy fashionista =)

Check out additional pictures here or on their facebook album.



Cara, dear you have enough HAWT clothes. Save some for me.

Some of my goodies I found in the swap. You all know I love my accessories. They’re my fav. Accessories first, clothing later.

Would you like to find swaps like these and many more in your local area? Visit

I had the best time and would like to thank The Swapaholics and LuLus.Com again. I had the best time. San Francisco welcomes you. I hope to see. shop and swap with you all again soon.

Don’t forget to like their facebook pages and follow these fashionistas on twitter.


The Swapaholics



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2 Comments on “UCB On The Scene: LuLu’s.Com & The Swapaholics Clothing Swap San Francisco”

  1. June 29, 2011 at 11:30 AM #

    You did so well at the swap! Lots of goodies! Thanks for including me in your post ;). See you around soon!


  2. June 29, 2011 at 1:20 PM #

    I really enjoyed myself. Anytime, hun. Yes we will mos def be seeing much more of each other. I followed your blog too,follow mine back so we can stay updated with each other =). Im loving how versatile your style is. Simply chic. See ya around fashionista.

    Tamisha Monet

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