Sizzling Summer Style Series: (Mid)-‘Driff’ Away

UCbnistas, the next item I am uber excited to be presenting in our sizzling, summer, style series is the midriff shirt. I know you may be thinking I may have some love handles or a lil tummy tum-tummm  or even I’m too skinny to wear a midriff. There’d no way I’m wearing a midriff or any type of stomach shirt for that matter. I understood your concern. That’s why I created three looks that can be rocked by various body types. My measurements are 38-35-53…there are some hips, dips and major curves on yours truly, if you catch my ‘driff’. In my (Michael Jackson Voice), you are not alone I am here with you…lol. Now let’s ‘driff’ away together…shall we?

Curvy & Plus Size Body Types: We can style our midriffs with a vest or even a cardigan if you’re not yet completely comfortable in your curves as of yet. With a vest or sweater you chose how much of your yummy tummy is exposed. A sneak peak or just let it all hang out like the brick house you are. Not self-conscious but self confidence. 

Catch my driff

Boyish Figure: Does your figure go straight up and down with a curve in your waist? No worries my darling. A midriff that comes down to the belly button and goes in at the waist. Will the illusion of an curve and suits your unique body type quite well. No one can do you like you do. So accept your body for the great shape and form it’s in. Your gorgeous and fab no matter what, doll. Embrace your figure and LOVE it, regardless to how small it may be, it’s yours !

Dirty Red

Slimderize Frames: Is your figure slender, small and petite?You too can wear your midriff , either tied high or low either way it will compliment your frame appropriately. Tied midriffs are fun and put a little spin on your average tee. Rock it and rock it well you lean, mean, glamista machine =)

Drift Away

Some of your favorite fashionistas rock their midriff looks.

Bohemian Glam: Beyonce

Cowgirl Swaggin: Audrina Patridge

The best to ever do it, Solo: AKA Solange ‘Stylnista’ Knowles


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Author:Tamisha Monet

Fashion Editor ( Tamisha Monet calls Oakland home as a Bay Area native but resides in Houston. She's a staff writer for The Rouge Collection magazine, in their Beauty and Style department. She is the art contributor for the West Coast division of F.A.M.E. The Experience magazine. In the blogosphere, she’s worked with Vogue, Lexus, True Religion and more. She works as a Business Life Coach for various fashion and beauty start-ups through her company iStyle Fashion and Beauty Society.


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