VMA’s Best Dressed 2011 Red Carpet

Hey UCB HAWTies, Last nite was the VMA’s & even though I had to work OT this morning, I still stayed my tail up to watch the whole show. LOL. Yes I know & I know I’m not the only one guilty of this either HAWTies, LOL, so don’t judge me. Any who, you know the fashion & style at the awards was good, bad & ugly  LOL but let’s start with the GOOD first shall we HAWTies…………….



Beyonce arrives at the 2011 MTV Video Music


CONGRATS to Bey & Jay on the baby, were all praying for a healthy baby that looks mostly like its mom, but this dress is super cute on the mom to be. She has been hiding that tummy of hers quite well, but this dress was the perfect outfit to show off the love growing inside of her. I hope to see more HAWT maternity gear from Bey, school these basic preggers why don’t you……


I loved how she threw down the MIC to rub on her belly, did you hear that sound as she did. Them record sales going up on you BASICs lol, but it was cute how she was singing to her Man & he looked very excited




Brittany Spears looks great, I honestly haven’t seen her look this good in a minute, SERIOUSLY! I get tired of seeing her half ass naked. But last night that all black everything was working for her. I want those shoes!! O & that dance tribute was just as cute as the outfit. Those little girls was WERK’n it, but damn did her speech have to introduce BEY, THAT ISH WAS KINDA FOUL!!! Just say’n



Not sure on why Zoe was there other than the fact that she has the Kick ass movie coming out, but none the less she looked very beautiful & I’m a sucka for black n white, those shoes are screaming out to me.



Kells looked almost a little Ice Skater-ish LOL but its kinda HAWT, I really love the silhouette of the dress & the gold embellishing very HAWT for the singer that hit platinum status on Motivation.


to check out the rest of The Good, The bad & The Ugly of the VMA’s check out the sista blog (mines LOL) @


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