Head Wrap Madness

HEY Gals

Its your girl Ne, back again with another HAWT post. I know it’s been a while since I have posted anything . Between work, school and my daughter there goes all my attention.I hope you all have enjoyed the recent posts from the lovely Tamisha Monet, Deeva, and MiMi. To all our new readers we welcome you all. Sooo welcome, welcome and again welcome. Lol

Recently there has been lots of discussion about going natural, the look, and how to maintain your natural hair. I love everything about going natural. It’s an exciting and liberating feeling. My style of dress has changed a bit, kind of a more afrocentric look. With my new style I have fallin in love with head wraps .The secret is that they’re really not head wraps but scarves that I use as head wraps! A friend of mines wanted to know where she could find her some trendy head wraps. For anyone who wants to be know the best place to find them are at your local flea markets; offering great variety and price. Also, if you have an African store in your area, they have a diverse selection of head wraps in beautifully assorted colors.

If you can’t find an African store or if you don’t know where any flea markets are located, don’t worry! I took the liberty of doing some research and forever21 has some grear scarves that you can make into head wraps. Here are a few that I just la la loved LOL.


Navy Woven Scarf $4.99


Tie Dye Scarf $8.99


Chevron Striped Scarf $6.80


Floral Print Scarf $7.80


Fringed Trimmed Scarf $6.99

These are just a few of many Forever 21 has online and in-store. So, if you love the Natural Afrocentric look and like head wraps, Forever 21 has a great selction.
Future post from Ne(me) & the Lovely Ladies on Natural looks, hair care coming very soon!

Peace & Many Blessings


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2 Comments on “Head Wrap Madness”

  1. January 21, 2012 at 12:59 PM #

    I enjoyed this post. I’ve been fiending to wear an head wrap this whole week. I just don’t know how to tie them -_-. Hopefully, you can teach me. Next post idea (cough, cough), LOL.

  2. ne1shae
    January 21, 2012 at 1:20 PM #

    Lol I sure will, I’ll do a VIDEO tutorial for you and all our readers. So look out for that coming VERY soon!

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