Fashion Illustrators You Should Know| The Vibrants Hues of Tiffany Starks

  1. When you draw your illustrations are they centered around a theme, clothing lines, characters, celebrities or free lance?

Honestly, it’s a little bit of everything, but there are some things that stand out in my mind more than most. Growing up, I was an only child, so not only was I terribly lonely but just as much as imaginative. My only friends were the Cartoons and Sitcoms on TV. My most favorite of all was JEM. She was a Fashion Icon/Rockstar! Everything a true 80’s child wanted to be. Also, my Mother and Grandmother stand out. My Mom’s funky flair… I remember she once dyed her hair Fire Engine Red! It looked amazing against her mocha & orange hued complexion. Her  raven-colored lips literally sparkled while she wore her vintage Pink Candy Striped dress, back seam stockings and Leather Navy Blue pumps! Goosebumps! My Grandmothers style was sophistication, tailored suits, Enzo heels, Mikimoto Cultured Pearls, Chanel No 5… she was Classy to a “T”! These colorful fashions etched notch into my heart and mind. There’s no doubt that these images are the catalyst of my Fashion Forward interpretations and croquis.

  1. How long have you been a fashion illustrator? And how did you start drawing?

Well, I have been drawing since I was 6 years old. SO… Ooh… that’s makes almost 25 years! I discovered that I could draw when my Father sent me a letter from San Quentin State Prison. There was a drawing of an Indigo Bunny smiling happily on the cover of the letter. At that moment I knew that my Father could draw, so I wanted to be just like him. I rustled through the kitchen drawers and found an old telephone bill. On the back side of the bill was clean white. I was amazed to find that I copied the bunny onto the back of bill without barely any noticeable differences from the original. After frantically showing my Mom, she cooed her praising to me and then whoa… an Artist was born.

  1. What are your goals for yourself in the fashion industry?

I see myself doing Red Carpet Haute Couture one-of-a-kind pieces and/or my own clothing line of Avant-garde ready-to-wear!

  1. What are some of your favorite and least liked materials to use and why?

This is still unknown for me seeing as I don’t know how to sew yet. It’s an understatement to say that I need schooling! But if I were to guess, I would say that cheap fabrics & inhumane animal fur would be a no-no for me.

  1. Where do you draw inspiration from when you’re creating these masterpieces?

It’s a trip because I have to be inspired when I create! I get inspired by the challenge of creating beautiful interpretations of clothing that no one has ever seen before. Almost like an inventor but with the eye of a vogue artist! And white paper, ha-ha, white paper is like liquid sex to me because it is literally horizon of where your creativity arises from! Making that sheet of paper into a masterpiece is also a part of my inspiration.

  1. What’s the biggest accomplishment of your career thus far?

Two things: Possibly being able to design for Shondrella Avery for her upcoming movie premier in September and you being interviewed by you Miss Tamisha, you’ve really made my entire year of 2012! I just wish my Grandparents were alive to know about this. Tamisha, thank you for this opportunity! You are playing an integral part in helping my dreams come to fruition! Thanks again!

  1. Congratulations to you on that. The pleasures is all mine. I’m incredibly inspired by your work.What advice would you give to an inspiring fashion illustrator? (Such as myself I can draw people but I’m not that great with clothes. Although, I see them in my head. My illustrations look cartoonish instead of like a real person, they lack the third dimensional appeal. I attached a drawing to this email for your feedback.)

Girl! You are a fantastic Artist! I consider my work toon-like too! All those damn Archie Comics I used to read! But when I draw Miss Tamisha, I am usually in the zone. Give yourself plenty of light a nice comfy seat, have all your preferred mediums nearby. Now as far as your technique, seeing what you want to draw is definitely a start! Try to sketch your ideas on a scratch piece of paper first before drawing it on your final sheet/canvass. I draw in 3 basic stages: penciled sketch with errors, then I outline the drawing that will ultimately be my final version in Sharpie marker, erase the pencil version with a good smudge proof eraser, and finally I use water color or sharpie to finish the drawing. DO NOT RUSH! You want to do your most beautiful work, and as always practice makes perfect!


  1. Thanks(brushes and jots it all down) The name of your brand is ‘Kouture Koochi'(brilliant might I add) is it not? How did that name come to be?

Thank You! Omg… ha-ha… Truthfully, “Kouture Koochi” means that a woman should be in so much Couture clothing that even her Undies are Couture! So, in turn, one could deduce that even Her Coohie (slang for her privates) were Couture… I put “k’s” so it didn’t outwardly look like the words that I was going for! OMG! Never told anyone that before!

To follow Tiffany’s on her artistic journey. Reach out her via social networks below.

@KoutureKoochi on Twitter


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Author:Tamisha Monet

Fashion Editor ( Tamisha Monet calls Oakland home as a Bay Area native but resides in Houston. She's a staff writer for The Rouge Collection magazine, in their Beauty and Style department. She is the art contributor for the West Coast division of F.A.M.E. The Experience magazine. In the blogosphere, she’s worked with Vogue, Lexus, True Religion and more. She works as a Business Life Coach for various fashion and beauty start-ups through her company iStyle Fashion and Beauty Society.


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4 Comments on “Fashion Illustrators You Should Know| The Vibrants Hues of Tiffany Starks”

  1. martha Moreira
    July 16, 2012 at 10:04 PM #

    I am amazed how talented she is. She deserved to give an opportunity to become a fashion designer I loved her drawing. I been following her drawing and I said wow who is this Lady.

  2. July 16, 2012 at 10:10 PM #

    Incredibly talented and über humble. She doesn’t realize just how great she is. I’m happy I was granted the opportunity to interview her and promote her work. I hope she has a fulfilling career in fashion.

  3. July 19, 2012 at 3:07 PM #

    Tiffany has talent she never knew she had till she let her fingers do the drawing. With some professional help she can and will go farther than she ever thought prossible. Go for the MOON GIRL!! It can be yours if only you keep trying to reach it.

  4. July 20, 2012 at 8:51 PM #

    Charlotte-Yes, Tiffany will have a career of substance and longevity. I’m rooting for her.

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