Instagram =Virtual Mall

Hey Lovies

It has been a while since I posted here on The Urban Class Boutique blog. A lot has gone on in the last few months but I am really Happy to say that it has all worked out.

So lately I have been doing some networking on a couple of social sites such as twitter and Instagram. Now I know there are many of you that know what twitter is, and some may know what Instagram is and what type of service it provides. It’s a photography app available on all iPhone and Android devices and I know lots of people that get a kick out of using it, I too love this app! There is so much that you can find on Instagram it’s mind blowing. Something that I absolutely love are all the fashion IG (instagram) accounts. Instagram is the best place in my opinion to find Unique clothing as well as accessories. If your in the fashion business, or sale accessories for a living and you want to get your business out there , I highly recommended you do a little advertising on Instagram. You can find lovers of clothing, accessories, even beauty and hair products.

In my opinion Instagram is a Virtual Mall. Also it’s a great way to network and build you business, customer wise. All you have to do is make an account, if your already have one just upload pictures of your products and WERK!  lol.

You all are awesome, so have an awesome day. Next time I won’t stay away for too long.
Peace & Blessings
D.Wils muah!


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