Ash the Stylist of Vane for Decades

Do you create alone or do you work with a team?

I do work alone, I started out designing by myself in which I developed a small clothing line but then I discovered I liked being a stylist better so I pushed towards doing that.


How does being from Florida influence your creative process?

Miami is a very “Glamorous” city; a lot of people here are into high fashion and into very bright, bold apparel. For me, I keep that in my mind and put together things for my clients that make a statement and allows them to start their own trends.

Solo Boho

Does being a Florida native reflect in your personal style?

Ummm, not really.  I often look to New York to give me the kind of style that I like. I’m more into the boho look and Miami doesn’t really offer that to me.


Describe the local fashion scene in Florida in three words or less?

Bright, colorful and bold.


What inspired you to start a career as a fashion stylist?

Lol…well it’s funny because really I started out as a designer. I was really focused on that. I even had my own online store but it’s when I participated in my first fashion show that I discovered my love for being a stylist & putting together clothing instead.


What’s your name as a stylist and how do you come up with it?

 StyledByAsh” is my styling name, it’s pretty simple and not too much. I just added my “nickname” and the word style.

What is your definition of style?

“Style” is something that comes from within, it’s your mood for the day and all the things you like within one outfit.


Teairra Mari and Ash The Stylist on set.

Do you see yourself expanding your brand beyond fashion?

 Well, I would like to work with more celebrities and just really expand by owning a boutique soon.

What advice would you give to someone pursuing a career in the fashion as a stylist?

Go for it! I didn’t let anyone stop me. Keep marketing and investing in yourself is the key.

Glazing into your “Swarovski” studded crystal ball where do you predict your career will be in 5 years?

Owning a boutique, working with more celebrity clients, possibly creating a high end clothing brand & walking on runways 🙂

Photo by artjunkiee
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Author:Tamisha Monet

Fashion Editor ( Tamisha Monet calls Oakland home as a Bay Area native but resides in Houston. She's a staff writer for The Rouge Collection magazine, in their Beauty and Style department. She is the art contributor for the West Coast division of F.A.M.E. The Experience magazine. In the blogosphere, she’s worked with Vogue, Lexus, True Religion and more. She works as a Business Life Coach for various fashion and beauty start-ups through her company iStyle Fashion and Beauty Society.


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