Justice for Trayvon Rallies in Oakland

Justice for Trayvon Rallies in Oakland

It was quite an eventful weekend in Oakland, California to say the least. Between the Fruitvale Station (Oscar Grant) movie release and the ‘Not Guilty’ verdict in the Trayvon Martin case causing riots, rallies and protests all over the city.

Historically, California is known for protesting and activism, dating back to the activism of the 60′s.We’re also taught, led and inspired to protest for any and all social injustices before we even graduate high school. It may come as a surprise (to those of you who aren’t from the Bay Area) to see various races gather in support of justice for Trayvon Martin.

The Bay Area is considered one of the most diverse places in the United States, with the city of Oakland placing third on that list. There is no economic divide in the city. We all work, go to school, live and socialize in same the places; whether it be the suburbs or the inner city. Here’s a look at our population broken down by race 26.3% White, 27% Black, 24.9% Latino, and 17.9% Asian.

Despite media reports, most of the protests were peaceful demonstrations. The vandalism and rioting however, wasn’t done by Oakland residents.Why did Oakland respond so strongly to the Trayvon Martin verdict in Florida? Because for most Oakland residents, this story hits too close to home, reminding them of the Oscar Grant story.

You may remember Oscar Grant, the Oakland native who was shot and killed while lying face down in handcuffs after being racially profiled. The movie tells his story and his family’s fight for justice. ‘Fruitvale Station’ will be released nationwide on July 26.

Protesting may gain the media’s attention but we have to make a change within the black community if we want to see effective change. The crab in a barrel mentality needs to stop. We need to have the same outrage, audacity and disgust when we kill our own.

We need to set the example for how we are to be treated. We can’t expect others to have regard for our lives when we don’t value our own. If you really want to make a change you can start by signing the petition on the website. The petition calls for the Department of Justice to file civil rights charges against Zimmerman on behalf of Trayvon Martin.

Please ignore the reports that Obama filed federal charges of double jeopardy against Zimmerman. The reports are propaganda, circulating the internet to distract from the NAACP’s petition. Volunteer at your local youth recreational centers. Be a big brother or sister, start a non-profit, whatever you do don’t presume to do nothing. Stop complaining and take some action. Be the change you want to see.

‘A system cannot fail those it was never built to protect’-.W.E.B. Dubois

‘A system cannot fail those it was never built to protect’-.W.E.B. Dubois

Pictures: San Jose Mercury News


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