Ban the Bounce: A Guide to Choosing the Right Sports Bra

Ok ladies, I’m sure we’re all guilty of this. You get ready for an afternoon jog and you want to look cute (just in case that cute guy you saw last time is there) so you decide to coordinate all of your gear. You have the cute little bike tights, matching over sized tank, socks, shoes, towel, water bottle, and even your sports bra. Now, before you leave home you do a mirror check and do a few jumping jacks to make sure this bra will be ok, because the last time you wore it things were a bit out of control…if you know what I mean. Nevertheless, the mirror check goes well so you figure what the hell and head to the track. WRONG ANSWER. As soon as you begin jogging, your boobs are flipping and flopping all over the place and just about ready to jump out of the bra and the tank that you have on (that just so happens to be low cut).

But why? Why ladies?…why do we feel the need to “look cute” and deprive our boobies of the support they deserve? Not only is this unsafe, it’s quite unattractive to see breasts flailing everywhere while trying to get in your workout zone.

Well, I’ve decided to lend a helping hand and give you guys a guide to selecting the correct sports bra. Thank me later.

The best sports bra is one that enables you to live an active lifestlye in comfort and with minimal chance of injury.

First you need to consider your impact level. Low impact includes activities like walking, weight training and yoga. Medium impact can include hiking, skiing and skating. High impact includes running, aerobics and mountain biking. In a perfect world, you would have a different bra of different impact levels for each type of activity you’re involved in. The more affordable solution to this is to purchase two good bras that are the highest impact level that you plan to be involved in, that way all of your activities are covered.

The next thing to consider is the type of sports bra. Remember compression and encapsulation. These are the different ways in which sports bras minimze movement. Compression bras are best for A and B cups because the simply compress the breasts against the chest wall. Compression/ encapsulation bras are best for C and D cups. They combine the compression method mentioned above with encapsulation, which is a method in which each breast has its own cup to surround and support it. Encapsulation bras are best for D, DD, and larger.

Why are sports bras so important??

They protect the suspensory ligaments in your chest known as Cooper’s ligaments. These ligaments hold breasts up and give them their shape and size. Once these ligaments are stretched they do not recoil to their original position. Sports bras protect the anatomy of the breast by reducing stretching and stress on breast tissue.

Do yourself a favor ladies and purchase a proper fitting sports bra. BAN THE BOUNCE.


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Author:Camilla Jo

Camille "Cam" Johnese is a 22 year old native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She was a graduate of Belaire High School in 2009, and left for the military immediately after. She is currently in her fifth year serving the Army (National Guard) as an information technology specialist. Camille is a spoken word artist and former dancer. As a slam poet she was ranked one of Baton Rouge's top six individual youth poets in 2006, and has also competed on a national level. As a civilian she works as a secretary. Camille is a lover of art, books, and spirituality. As a columnist for “The Rouge Collection” she takes pride in bringing the best and latest stories of health and fitness from around the world. Camille is a brand ambassador for the innovative brand ENERGYbits and an aspiring entrepreneur. With her passion for health and fitness, and her desire to help people being her driving force, Camille intends to launch a personal brand within the next 5 years that will give people the tools and motivation to get healthy and fit, and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Everyday she strives to be a better person than she was the day before, and to do one more thing in an attempt to reach her goals.


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