Important Items to Include in Your First Aid Kit

If you’re anything like me, you carry around the basics- band aids, asprin, and maybe some alcohol wipes or something. In my mind, that’s enough. Only in my mind though. I found out that there are quite a few things are missing from my list of safety supplies- I’m sure I’m not alone- so, I have put together a list of very important but overlooked things that should be included in your first aid kit.

Hand Sanitizer

It’s at the top of the list because, well, it’s pretty important. I know I wouldn’t want anyone treating a wound of mine with dirty hands, and since soap and water aren’t always readily available hand sanitizer is a must have.

Saline Solution

Planning on being outdoors? You may want to bring some saline solution. You never know when a mean gust of wind might blow some trash or debris in your eye, and since you’ll be outside, the last thing you want to do is use your fingers to get it out. Saline solution will flush it out and soothe the irritation. You can also use saline solution to wash wounds when you don’t have any water.

Safety Pins

Replace your needles with these. Why? They do exactly the same thing, and more. You can remove splinters and thorns and lance wounds with safety pins, but unlike needles, you can also hold together bandages with them.


Definitely seems unconventional, but think about this: What if you’re at a night time event and something happens? How are you going to see to treat the wound? Having a flashlight on hand will keep you from having to answer that question. Remember to keep extra batteries on hand and store them in a waterproof container or plastic bag.

Duct Tape

So I know you’re going “WHAT NOW??!” , but this stuff is a jack of all trades. Use duct tape to hold gauze or cloth bandages in place, create a splint, hold a sprain in place, and even apply it directly to skin to substitute moleskin. Plus, it just so happens to be able to withstand getting wet and will still hold up, unlike regular adhesive tape. interesting, huh?

Scissors and Tweezers

Even though most first aid kits come with precut bandages and gauze, you just never know when you’ll need them. You might need to open a bandage or even a pack of medicine in a hurry. Sometimes you’ll need to cut clothing away from an open wound. Tweezers are a must when you need a tight grip on something like a splinter, thorn insect stinger, or tick.

You never know what unexpected situations you’ll end up in, so being prepared is a must. Add these few items to your first aid kit and you’ll be good to go.


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Author:Camilla Jo

Camille "Cam" Johnese is a 22 year old native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She was a graduate of Belaire High School in 2009, and left for the military immediately after. She is currently in her fifth year serving the Army (National Guard) as an information technology specialist. Camille is a spoken word artist and former dancer. As a slam poet she was ranked one of Baton Rouge's top six individual youth poets in 2006, and has also competed on a national level. As a civilian she works as a secretary. Camille is a lover of art, books, and spirituality. As a columnist for “The Rouge Collection” she takes pride in bringing the best and latest stories of health and fitness from around the world. Camille is a brand ambassador for the innovative brand ENERGYbits and an aspiring entrepreneur. With her passion for health and fitness, and her desire to help people being her driving force, Camille intends to launch a personal brand within the next 5 years that will give people the tools and motivation to get healthy and fit, and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Everyday she strives to be a better person than she was the day before, and to do one more thing in an attempt to reach her goals.


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