FDA Food Safety Inspections Suspended During Shutdown

As I’m sure we all know by now, the government has shutdown. Tuh. This shutdown has led to dozens of federal funded agencies losing their funding for day to day operation, thus causing them to shutdown as well. One of the casualties of this great shutdown is the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), well their inspectors at least. FDA inspectors have been furloughed since the shutdown began. Why should you care? Well, the FDA are those lovely people who conduct random inspections of facilities producing the foods we consume.

So what does this mean for you and your family?

Fruits, vegetables, seafood and and basically anything else that comes through US customs isn’t being safety checked by the FDA right now. And the agency has a pretty extensive system of “red alerts” to keep track of companies and shipment sources with a bad track record, but no one is referring to that information right now. What exactly does that mean? Well, any of those “red flagged” agencies can continue production during this time, and contaminated foods can land right on your kitchen table. Thanks congress. Oh yeah, our buddies over at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention? (AKA our back-up plan) They’re furloughed too.

The states still have health authorities to address local problems and the FDA will handle “high-risk situations” if they come up, but the longer the shutdown drags on, the more the situation compounds itself.

so I guess just don’t eat for the duration of the shutdown and you’re good.


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Author:Camilla Jo

Camille "Cam" Johnese is a 22 year old native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She was a graduate of Belaire High School in 2009, and left for the military immediately after. She is currently in her fifth year serving the Army (National Guard) as an information technology specialist. Camille is a spoken word artist and former dancer. As a slam poet she was ranked one of Baton Rouge's top six individual youth poets in 2006, and has also competed on a national level. As a civilian she works as a secretary. Camille is a lover of art, books, and spirituality. As a columnist for “The Rouge Collection” she takes pride in bringing the best and latest stories of health and fitness from around the world. Camille is a brand ambassador for the innovative brand ENERGYbits and an aspiring entrepreneur. With her passion for health and fitness, and her desire to help people being her driving force, Camille intends to launch a personal brand within the next 5 years that will give people the tools and motivation to get healthy and fit, and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Everyday she strives to be a better person than she was the day before, and to do one more thing in an attempt to reach her goals.


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