The New Way to Finance Your Business

Money Expert Myeshia Jefferson

Do you want to launch your own business but you’re in need of funding? Here are a few new ways to finance your business. Even if the following applies:

* You are a student

* You have student loan debt

*You have bad credit or no credit

With technology being the wave of the new era, there are various ways to finance your business in today’s market. Especially if you are in the fashion and beauty industry.

There are over twenty-five different secrets that other business owners won’t tell. This industry insider info that helped them break into the industry. Whether, it was to open a salon, spa, or cosmetic company. At iStyle Fashion and Beauty Society, we have connections with dozen of beauty and fashion professionals that have started their business with less than five hundred dollars and received a lucrative return on their investment.

Depending on how serious you are about starting your business, even one of these innovative secrets could help you take your business idea to the next level.

money and fashion istyle Fashion beauty Soceity

If you are really ready to turn your passion into your career. Here are three innovative ways that can help you finance your business, if executed properly.

1. Lending Circles
2. Crowd Funding
3. Affiliate Marketing

Making Money Online Myeshia Jefferson

Here are three historically proven ways to finance your business. Til’ this day they’re still an effective way to acquire monetary funds. Obtaining these three streams of revenue has gotten easier than what it use to be.

4. Contracts

5. Sponsors 

6. Partnerships

Each one of these are very important resources, leading business owners to where the real seed money is. These are only six of the twenty-five plus ways to finance your business.

Fund your business in ninety days or less. However, you have to make sure that all your ducks are in alignment. Make sure you’re working your streams properly. The right way, the right order, and the right support. Be sure to have someone on your team review your business to prevent errors that could cause you costly mistakes.

Tip: Start to think of your team. Whether, it’s your Board of Directors or fundraising committee. These people will guide you in the right direction for your business, client or customer base, and your financial plan.

Also, make sure take the necessary steps needed prior to applying or receiving any one of these options. All of these methods are ways to pursue streams of revenue that you don’t have to repay.

There is plenty of opportunities within these six options alone. However, I don’t want to overwhelm you. I don’t want you to sit here and read it all. I want to give you all of your options with an in-depth breakdown of each method.

To learn about how you can receive ’25 Ways to Finance Your Business’, register for our FREE webinar. Please email us your contact information or fill out the form below. We will send you a personal invite.

Getting and Saving Money the Right Way iStyle Fashion Beauty



This FREE webinar is usually offered exclusively to our members. However, we’ve decided to open this one to the public. So many of our clients, are really gaining a lot of useful information in our strategy sessions. We’ve decided to turn it into one of our courses offered.

Within the course, you will also receive a bonus about ‘How to Make Money Online in Your Industry With Partnerships’.

Advice: Don’t google each one of these ideas and make the mistake of doing it on your own. You will find yourself wasting money, time and energy. When you have experts that can lead you directly to what you need, within half the time and cost.

Find an expert in your field or area of interest after taking the FREE webinar. If you feel that iStyle Fashion and Beauty Society is not in your industry or what you are looking for. Please feel free to contact us. That way we can refer you to someone that can best meet your needs.

When you do business the right way from the beginning, you won’t have to pay for your bad or cheap mistakes later.

As an entrepreneur in the fashion and beauty industry having the right information,will make all the difference in the world when you’re trying to acquire funding

money model istyle fashion beauty soceity Work hard, play harder….

Side Note: Happy birthday to me! June 19, 2014.

Stay focused, motivated and determined.  Your dreams will come true. They may not always come when you want them but they will be right on time!


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