Bloggers To Watch: Miss Mel “Lachiquita Missi” Menjivar

What is your role in the fashion industry? How long have you been in the fashion industry?

I began working in high end retail in South Beach at the age of 14. From there I styled and retailed my way through college.


Do you work alone or do you work with a team?

You know I hate to say I am a control freak. I have a particular way of doing things and I feel no one works as hard for you than you.

What is your method of networking? Any advice for networking?

I am not a major networker outside of social media. I am not into the spotlight, so unless its an in and out type of event, it’s not my thing. I try to keep my privacy as much under wraps as possible, unless its something already out there. I will then address it head on.


Does being a Texas native reflect in your personal style?

I am not a Texas native. I was actually born in Puerto Rico. I came to the states at 17 months. Texas was was first U.S.home. After my grandmother passed away I went to Miami at twelve. Miami really seasoned my style they are more east coast mixed with that latin flair.

Describe the local fashion scene in Texas in three words or less?

Big Hair, Excess, More

What is your definition of style?

I keep it simple my favorite designer has and always is Moschino. I do own several pieces new vintage. Owning who you are and making no apologies thats style!

What’s you’re the name of your blog? What’s the inspiration behind the name?

I am super short, very truthful, so a family nickname “lachiquitamissi”

When did you discover that this was your career path and more than a hobby?

Purely by accident I was a poor girl in a rich girl city. My ambition and need for a job positioned me in retail, then styling. I moved on to a different day career when I graduated college.

How do you see your brand expanding?

I have a line of clean modern tops and shifts coming out for pre fall. The blog is going to be what I would have originally done had I foreseen popularity. A more streamline editorial, that will post three times a week. Very high end with your budget friendly. What I actually wear and going back to how I style.

What advice would you give to someone pursuing a career in fashion industry?

It costs money, be prepared to invest, and most women are not your friend. Fashion is a business and you have to be fearless, thick skinned, and assertive. The more you climb the more disdain you will receive. It truly is a love and hate.

Gazing into your “Swarovski” studded crystal ball where do you predict your career will be in five years?

I predict an online editorial, everything from beauty to fashion snark. The tops being a limited number exclusive every season. I predict a boutique opening in the next two years very Bal Harbor meets Houston.


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Author:Tamisha Monet

Fashion Editor ( Tamisha Monet calls Oakland home as a Bay Area native but resides in Houston. She's a staff writer for The Rouge Collection magazine, in their Beauty and Style department. She is the art contributor for the West Coast division of F.A.M.E. The Experience magazine. In the blogosphere, she’s worked with Vogue, Lexus, True Religion and more. She works as a Business Life Coach for various fashion and beauty start-ups through her company iStyle Fashion and Beauty Society.


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