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The New Way to Finance Your Business

Do you want to launch your own business but you’re in need of funding? Here are a few new ways to finance your business. Even if the following applies: * You are a student * You have student loan debt *You have bad credit or no credit With technology being the wave of the new era, there […]

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Makeover Marketing Monday: 10 Ways to Add Value to Your Products and Services

Here are ten creative ways to add value to your products and services without cutting your prices or selling yourself short. Be assured that you can add value to whatever it is you are selling, depending on the values you choose, you can create a whole new price point. As a Beauty Career Coach, I advise […]

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5 Minute Daily Dose on How- To Pin on Pinterest

I’m sure you have heard about Pinterest being the #1 Social Media outlet by now. Not only is it #1 in participants and bringing in the most followers for your brand but it’s the top social media outlet that attracts the most sales, profits, and clients. Learn how you can be apart of our exclusive Pinning […]

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How to Get Free Products for Your Opinions & Blog Reviews

  Ever wondered how so some many bloggers get tons of FREE products or other awesome incentives such as MONEY, MONEY oh an more Money and FREE products just for giving their opinions? I’m sure you think it’s because they have a huge following or subscriber list. Well that’s not always the case. Their is hope for […]

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12 Great Ways to Get Your Product in Stores

1 .Offering a Reputable Track Record Business Plan, proper paperwork, having the correct licensing, business credentials,  trademarks, patents and files in place. Also this protects your product. 2. Building Your Network Before You Need Them Make connections, mingle network, and get the word out their about your brand. 3 .Getting Product Credibility Gain press, build […]

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Rihanna Red Lipstick

How to Rock the Red Lip in A Professional Way

Wouldn’t you like to rock the red lip in a professional setting, while keeping it classy and HOT without looking slutty or over the top? Wearing a bright red lipstick color can draw lots of attention. It’s a powerful statement, yet its up to you to deliver. As a professional in the beauty or fashion […]

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